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I keep hearing about content marketing…


It’s been a buzz word for some time, but just what is “content marketing” – and should you be using it? The quick answer is yes! The longer explanation defines what content marketing is and

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Showcasing a Beloved Nashville Event


The 30th Annual Nashville Lawn and Garden Show features all things green and growing! Live gardens designed by some of middle Tennessee’s top landscape and garden companies greet you at the main entrance, while additional

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The Power and Art of Marketing with Storytelling


Storytelling has been around since ancient cultures painted the first cave art or shared the first poem about the sun and moon. Today, books, films, and even keynote addresses are judged on the storyline. Pixar

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Your Best Marketing Consultants – Your Clients


Can you think back to the last bad customer service experience you had? I am sure you can. In fact, it might be fairly easy. Because the truth is, in today’s world, poor customer service

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Developing an Intentional Marketing Strategy


I am sure most of you have heard the statistic that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. The truth is- all clients aren’t created equal. We all have clients we love

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