Services - Varallo Public Relations


Varallo Public Relations customizes our methods and approach to meet the needs of each client.


We can help you grow your business at any stage. Through our four-phase process, we will work with you to identify your business objectives, zero in on your precise audiences, and develop a unique and effective strategy that will give you a clear edge in the marketplace, and ultimately drive results.


Our PR team taps into our well-established relationships with Nashville media sources, local businesses, regional community and civic leaders, neighborhood organizations, bloggers, and more to secure coverage and sought-after credibility. We capture, maintain, and grow professional yet personable relationships with your target audiences and media outlets while keeping your business objectives in mind.


Communications in the modern era includes a wide range of social media, email marketing, and blogging opportunities to better communicate with your audience and build relationships with new prospects. We work with you to develop, track, and reach your goals.


Effective crisis management starts before a crisis happens. Through proactive analysis and planning, we assess your vulnerabilities and challenges; work with you to identify potential issues, exposures and liabilities, and develop a detailed plan that will allow you to remain ahead of a situation.


Before communicating externally, you need to ensure everyone is on the same page internally. Internal communication is about developing, motivating, and retaining qualified employees that are capable of making a difference to your business. This can mean strategy assessment, development of social media policies and procedures, development of internal newsletters, or other steps that our team is experienced in assisting clients achieve.


Varallo Public Relations is small business certified by Metro Nashville and DBE certified by TDOT. Review some of our projects completed for Metro Nashville, TDOT, Nashville Area MPO and RTA/MTA. Please reach out if you’re interested in teaming with us for community outreach, public involvement, or communications support.

Services include strategic planning, crisis communications, media coaching, public relations strategy, social media marketing, blog writing, email marketing