Is it time for a reboot?

Unplug for a few minutes - reboot.

If you’ve worked in an office – or behind a computer screen – for any length of time, you know the running joke to “just reboot the darn thing” when it’s not working quite right.

A few weeks ago, one of our clients, an information technology firm, wrote a blog about “why rebooting your computer actually works.”

The blog outlines reasons you might think it’s time to reboot your computer – for example, when your computer is running slowly, freezes up, has run a software update, experiences an error, or is not performing like you expect it to.

Now, what about you?

Have you had a day you just can’t quite get “with it”? Feel like you’re running on empty or running behind? Catch yourself making small errors or running in circles? Are you feeling more and more like you need to get up from your desk and take a walk for a mental break?

Maybe it’s time for a reboot.

  • Do a time audit of a typical day. Track your activities; how much time you spend on each task; and whether or not you feel productive. Then determine if there are future steps you can take to feel less stressed, spend less time, or feel more fulfilled.
  • Schedule “me” time – and stick to it. In a previous blog about overall wellness, we mentioned the necessary use of the word “no.” Don’t be afraid to skip that after-hours meet-up if you haven’t had time to yourself recently. Everyone needs the opportunity to recharge.
  • Create a consistent morning routine – and a consistent bed-time routine. Research shows that starting off your day the same way can set the tone for a more positive, productive day; and sticking to a night-time routine of winding down and maintaining a consistent bed time reduces stress and can lead to better sleep.
  • Look to either side of your workspace. Is it cluttered or organized? Is your organizational system working for you? (No judgment!) Consider adding some brightly-colored file folders or post-it notes to help your filing system and brighten your day. Take a few minutes to organize a small area that isn’t already. Even a small change really can take away stress and add to productivity.
  • What about your technology? It’s tempting to have every ‘i” device Apple makes, but does receiving messages on four or 5 platforms help you communicate more efficiently – or does it add to your stress level? Could you be more productive and efficient and less FOMO stressed if you reduced down to a desktop and cell phone without the tablet, watch, and laptop?
  • Speaking of scheduling, do you use the calendar app on your phone? A shared calendar app for your family activities? If not, it might be time to start. It’s amazing what adding a few strategic reminders throughout your day can do to relieve your stress and check off boxes on your “to-do” list.
  • Take time to re-wild. Canoe, kayak, or hike in a nearby state park instead of just a tame walk around the neighborhood. It’s amazing what a few hours in nature can do for your mental and emotional health.
  • For many people, the “work from home” or time off forced upon us by the pandemic has resulted in so-called ‘side hustles” or individual start-up small businesses. If you are one of these people, perhaps you are facing the choice of returning to the security of your full-time paycheck and the continuation and growth of your own business. If you are facing this choice, consider what is most fulfilling and what best fits into your lifestyle. 

Take a step back and reboot if you need to. We do it as simple maintenance for our computers – we need to reconsider doing it for ourselves.