Case Study: Unveiling A Construction Company as The Trendiest Firm in Town

Nashville’s total restaurant count has steadily increased during the last 5 years peaking at 5,671 restaurants in 2016, according to American market research firm The NPD Group. One local construction firm was behind many of the restaurants builds around town. In 2017 alone, the construction firm had been responsible for building four “must try restaurants” in and around Nashville.

The firm was steadily growing in this area, but knew they needed to capitalize on this newly developed niche, and market themselves to ensure business kept coming through their doors.

In October of 2017, we met with the owner to discuss communication strategies that would continually keep them front-of-mind with their specific industries, clients and prospects. With the group’s recently traded tagline on building must-see Nashville locations, we developed a digital strategy that highlights and demonstrates the legitimacy of their new tagline.

Their digital communications plan intentionally connects with current and potential firms/businesses of interest to not only announce when the firm is brought on to build the next “Nashville hotspot” but also keeps clients and prospects updated throughout the build process. At the end, we present the finished product emphasizing the unique features of the construction group’s work and also provide a platform to showcase their client.

Business is busier than ever for this local construction company. They have seen an increase in the number of bid requests from restaurateurs reaching out to them for potential work and now receive continual recognition from peers and colleagues.

We also worked with the local media, The Tennessean and the Nashville Business Journal, to feature some of their work around Nashville.

Working with Varallo Public Relations has been a pleasure. We are so busy that no one on staff has the time to manage our social media. They have jumped in and done an excellent job keeping our name and our projects in front of the public.

Professional service firms need specific to-go market strategies that showcase you in the right light to your targeted clientele and prospects. If you are interested in developing a communication plan that meets your firm’s growth vision, goals and priorities, contact us today.