Effective Networking Practices


Deborah Varallo

This week, I presented at the Williamson Inc’s Women in Business luncheon to present “Effective Networking Practices.” More than 150 dynamic women leaders and future leaders were in the room. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my tips for building and strengthening business and personal relationships because this group was so responsive to my words.

Reporter Samantha Hearn, with The Brentwood Home Page, did an excellent job of capturing many of my recommendations so I want to share it with you. But I want to add another strong Tip for Effective Network Practices: “Treat each client like a ‘prospect’ all the time!” Think about it. When we are working with a prospect – we learn everything we can about the person and their business. We research who they are, what they like, what they want. Yet, after they are our client – we are off to the next prospect.

Make it your daily job to treat every one of your client as a prospect. You will keep the client, build stronger relationships and grow your business. Enjoy Samantha’s article, linked here.