Six Tips for Building a Better Social Media Experience

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It’s the case with almost anything you tackle – things run more smoothly with a plan. The same is true for social media. In a virtual world where everyone is competing to have the loudest voice, how do you (and your business) stand out? Start with these six easy steps.

1. Define your goals
Before you craft your first Tweet or post your resume to LinkedIn, think through your short and long term reasons for using these platforms. Are you selling a product? Promoting an event? Searching for a job or volunteer experience? Deciding what you want to achieve before you start will help craft your roadmap to success!

2. Gather your materials (photos, videos, content)
There is nothing quite as aggravating as searching through CDs and flash drives for that perfect Facebook cover image you just know you had … somewhere. Before you sign up and sign in, choose the images you want to use as your cover and profile photos and decide what you want to say in your first post. LinkedIn allows you to build an online portfolio, so you may want to have screen shots of projects or a PDF file highlighting some of your accomplishments.

3. Keep a calendar (what to post when)
Let’s face it. You are busy. Logging on to Twitter isn’t the first thing on your mind. Promoting your annual sale on Facebook isn’t something you’ve considered before now. Adding reminders to your Outlook or Google calendar of what to post when can spur you into action. There are many tools that allow you to schedule posts in advance, so you may want to check into those, as well.

4. Be personal!
It’s called “social” media for a reason. People don’t want to hear a sales pitch – they want to interact with the brands and people they feel a connection to. It’s your job to help build that connection and maintain that loyalty.

5. Be responsive!
Don’t ignore questions or complaints. Address them publically, as honestly as possible. The rest of your followers – and potentially others who visit your page but don’t interact with you – are watching to see your response. If you don’t respond, it looks like you don’t care. Potentially worse, it looks like you have a robot posting in your place.

6. Be sociable!
Follow back, retweet, and share!

By taking the time to plan your social media strategy, you will build a better social media experience for you and your followers