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South of Broadway (SoBro) Strategic Master Plan Study

The South of Broadway (SoBro) Strategic Master Plan Study focuses on maximizing investments and creating guidelines for development in flood prone areas in the SoBro area of downtown Nashville, located south of Broadway. There is rapidly growing interest in private development in SoBro, spurred by the construction of the Music City Center and the effects of the May 2010 flood.

Our work focused on outreach activities, community relations and public meetings related to the development of the SoBro Master Plan.  This included assistance and support in identifying and communicating with stakeholders, conducting stakeholder interviews and focus groups, developing information to provide to stakeholders, maintaining stakeholder database, and developing summary reports. VPR also provided assistance and support for multi-day public workshops and public meetings including working with media to provide public notice of the events, arranging for locations and logistics, developing information for presentation at workshops and public meetings, and developing summary reports.