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Murfreesboro Pike Transit Signal Priority

Murfreesboro Rd TSP project mapVarallo Public Relations assisted with the public notification and outreach process on the Murfreeboro Road Transit Signal Priority project as the public outreach subcontractor to engineering firm WSP.

At project kick-off, we assisted MTA with drafting an informational letter which was sent to more than 600 contacts along the Murfreesboro Road corridor from the Charles E. Davis Blvd. intersection to the Bell Road at Hickory Hollow Lane intersection. We also compiled a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” for use by the project team and to provide the public.

Over the course of 21 months, as each intersection was in line for construction, VPR reached out to business owners to inform them of the construction and obtain permission for truck access and parking. VPR has also met in-person with business owners along the corridor in advance of construction commencing at their locations and has followed up when issues have arisen after the construction crew has been on-site. We served as a media liaison when needed during the construction process.