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I keep hearing about content marketing…


It’s been a buzz word for some time, but just what is “content marketing” – and should you be using it? The quick answer is yes! The longer explanation defines what content marketing is and

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Showcasing a Beloved Nashville Event


The 30th Annual Nashville Lawn and Garden Show features all things green and growing! Live gardens designed by some of middle Tennessee’s top landscape and garden companies greet you at the main entrance, while additional

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The Power and Art of Marketing with Storytelling


Storytelling has been around since ancient cultures painted the first cave art or shared the first poem about the sun and moon. Today, books, films, and even keynote addresses are judged on the storyline. Pixar

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Case Study: Unveiling A Construction Company as The Trendiest Firm in Town


Challenge: Nashville’s total restaurant count has steadily increased during the last 5 years peaking at 5,671 restaurants in 2016, according to American market research firm The NPD Group. One local construction firm was behind many

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Three Types of Instagram Posts for your Business


I shouldn’t have to say this, but if your business is not on Instagram, get on it! Instagram has become one of the best, cleanest looking social media platforms out there and is becoming more

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5 ‘Best Practices’ for Twitter


1. Choose a relevant “handle” Ideally, this should be your name, your company name, or a recognizable and searchable variation of one of these. Interestingly: The new trend is going away from individuals tweeting as

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Six Tips for Building a Better Social Media Experience


It’s the case with almost anything you tackle – things run more smoothly with a plan. The same is true for social media. In a virtual world where everyone is competing to have the loudest

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