Three Types of Instagram Posts for your Business


I shouldn’t have to say this, but if your business is not on Instagram, get on it! Instagram has become one of the best, cleanest looking social media platforms out there and is becoming more marketing-friendly by the day. While Twitter and Facebook are important, being on Instagram will help expand your audience and allow you to display your work beautifully.

Here are three types of Instagram posts your company should be posting:

Products – This is an obvious one. The point of your business being on social media is to market your product or service, so take advantage of those pretty filters and exercise your photography skills. But DO NOT leave your photo caption-less! Make sure your audience knows what the product is, where they can get it, and when they can get it. If you’re promoting a product not yet launched, consider posting some teaser photos leading up to the release date, giving a little more information on the product in each post. This is effective for events like launch parties, fundraisers, and conferences as well. Don’t forget about #hashtags! Every post should have at least two or three.

People – As a consumer, I want to know your business is run by people like me. This is the ‘social’ part of social media. Let me relate to you! Post a photo of Sarah with her birthday cake in the break room, and snap a photo during a brainstorming session in the conference room! These may not seem like the most exciting photos to you, but giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look every once in a while let’s us know you care about your employees as much as you care about your product.

Process – Post photos or videos of your production process. This is another way to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look into your company, which builds trust between business and consumer. If you say your restaurant’s bread is made fresh daily, back it up with a short video of your baker kneading the dough. If your printing company prides itself on environmentally friendly production, post a photo of the recycled paper you print on and tag the company you order it from! Generate interest in your engineering firm by showing your team at work on the interstate bridge your audience uses everyday.

For organizations and professional service companies, I know using social media marketing is not as straightforward as ‘selling’ a product. This is where you get to showcase what makes your organization great – is it your community service projects? Buildings you design? Your coworkers and employees? Having an Instagram for your business is all about getting creative with your marketing. Take advantage of this image-centric platform and really show your audience what your company is about.


– Carly Duckett, Varallo Public Relations