Music City Star leaving downtown Nashville, photo by Deborah Varallo

About Us

Varallo Public Relations is a public relations and marketing firm based in Nashville. Since Varallo Public Relations was established in 1991, the methods and tools used for public relations, marketing, and community outreach have changed and multiplied. Varallo Public Relations believes that the essential principles of public relations and marketing still remain the same –

  • Find the common ground between the objectives of a client and the concerns and interests of a specific audience;
  • Generate information and materials that are targeted, packaged and delivered in a way that is appropriate for each specific audience on each specific project;
  • Utilize the most effective communications and marketing skills available to reach the target audience;
  • Measure success by achievement of the client’s goals.

Varallo Public Relations follows these principles on every project, customizing its methods and tools to meet the distinctive requirements of each client.

We work with clients on projects including public meetings, business announcements, special events, direct mail, newsletters and annual reports, website development, email communications, media relations, article development and placement, advertising, marketing programs and more.

Our clients include nonprofit agencies, government organizations, businesses, trade associations, and professional firms that include attorneys, engineers and accountants.

The team at Varallo Public Relations has strong relationships with print, broadcast and internet media as well as business, community and civic leaders, neighborhood organizations, and elected officials throughout Davidson County and the surrounding Middle Tennessee counties.

We regularly interact with community leaders via social media including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This social media interaction strengthens and expands a project or event’s awareness to the community, business leaders and government officials.

Our clients’ projects have received national awards for executing successful community outreach and involvement.

Varallo Public Relations is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Minority- and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) with Metro Nashville Davidson County Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (BAO), Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Tennessee Uniform Certification Program and the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (WBE).

Our Clients

Our public relations and marketing clients include:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Banks
  • Construction companies
  • Construction management firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Financial services companies
  • Healthcare organizations and providers
  • Human Resources and consulting firms
  • Nonprofit and charitable organizations
  • Real estate firms and developers
  • Retailers
  • Service Providers
  • Trade and professional groups
  • Government-related organizations